How to install joomla 3.0.3 on xampp

To  install joomla 3.0.3 using xampp on Windows XP on your  localserver with screenshots,joomla installation procedure step by  step as  seen below.

1)First Download Joomla 

2)Extract That zip file and paste that folder Under the XAMPP folder (C:\xampp\htdocs)

3)Rename that joomla file name to your project name(Ex:notifications) as seen below.

Installation Guide for joomla beginners with screenshots.

4)Before Installation Goto Phpmyadmin and Create New Database As seen below.

how to install joomla using xampp on windows xp

5)Enter the URL in your browser and Type http://localhost/notifications

how to install joomla on xampp server

6)Here Enter Site Name,Description,admin Email,admin username,admin password and Click Next Button.

joomla installation step by stey with screenshots

7)Here Enter Database Type,Hostname,username,DatabaseName. and Click Next Button

Installation Guide for joomla beginners

8)Here Select Default English Sample Data and Click Next Button.

how to install joomla 3.0.3 on xampp

9)Here Ta take a few seconds to installing  Joomla sample data,After Few seconds To successfuly installing joomla one window display as seen below

joomla installation guide step by step

10)Before Enter into your  site Remove Installation Folder in your project folder as seen below

how to install joomla with xampp

11)To Click Site Button your project Home display as seen below

installing joomla on xampp 1.7.7

12)To click Administrator button your project Admin panel display as seen below(here enter your login Details)

joomla installation procedure